Kalimantan Borneo Tour Package

Kalimantan Borneo Tour Package

Kalimantan is an island for you to explore. It is the world’s third largest island the area of 747.000 square kilometers and covered one of the world’s largest tropical rain forests which flows giant rivers which are the island’s highway. Rivers are the main transportation arteries in this island. The island is rich with the many fascinating and endemic wildlife such as the orangutans, proboscis monkeys, the flying snakes, hundred species of birds.

Kalimantan is also the home of the original inhabitants, Orang Gunung or Mountain people that called collectively as the Dayak tribe. The Dayak people lives in the hinterland along the banks of major rivers and in long houses. The long houses are built on wooden piles which can sometimes be as tall as 3 meters high as protection against wild animals and flooding. It is customary for the people to live with he a whole extended family or with one clan. Each family has their own compartment and the chief of the clan will occupy the central chamber.

The most common starting point to explore Kalimantan is Balikpapan and Samarinda in the east part of the island because of the regular flight services from Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar. Traveling along the extensive Mahakam river is a fascinating adventure. Meeting the Dayak people and visit their long houses, trekking, and overnight on the motorized long boat or in the long house of the Dayak people. Kalimantan is indeed worth to explore.

Kalimantan has a number of nature reserves to protect its unique flora and fauna. Kersik Luway is where the very rare ‘Black Orchid’ (Colongenia Pandurata) grows, located upstreams the Mahakam river, East Kalimantan. Bontang, in the regency of Kutai with an area of about 200,000 ha, has a rare flora and fauna. The Kutai National Park near Bontang is worth visiting to see scenery especially those at Beras Basah. Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan is the oldest conservation site of Kalimantan’s flora and fauna. The park is inhabited by Orang Utans, Owa-owa, Bekantan and other primates. Also found here the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre which is supported by the Would Wildlife Fund (WWF). In West Kalimantan, Gunung Palung National Park located in the Ketapang regency is home to miscellaneous flora and fauna. The Raya Pasi mountain located in the Singkawang regency is also an interesting place to visit to see the Rafflesia or giant flower. Singkawang is also a nature reserve. The forest of Sanggau is worth a visit where hot springs, lakes and caves can be found. The other nature reserves are the forests of Baning and Kelam Hill in the Sintang regency. While in Kapuas Hulu, there is the Bentuang. In South Kalimantan, there is the Kaget island, home to a wide variety of birds and monkeys, Most notably the humorous longnosed proboscis monkeys.

7 Days Discover Central & South Borneo (Orang Utan, Jungle Trekking)

Day 1 : Arrival Pangkalan Bun, Central Borneo – Transfer to Kumai – Overnight on boat Sekonyer river
Day 2 : Fullday Orang Utan tour Tanjung Puting  (feeding & breeding) – Trekking at night
Day 3 : Tanjung Puting – Pangkalan Bun then flight to Banjarmasin
Day 4 : Sunrise on boat and visit floating market – Martapura mining & diamond market – trf to Barabai
Day 5 : Trekking to Meratus Mountain (Jungle trekking) – Visit Dayak Meratus village – overnight in tend
Day 6 : Sunrise at summit of Meratus mountain – Barabai – Loksado
Day 7 : Loksado bamboo rafting – trf to Banjarmasin, End tour

15 Days Explore Borneo Orang Utan and Dayak Teribbes (Central & South Kalimantan)

Day 1 : Pangkalan Bun – Kumai – Sekonyer River
Day 2 : Sekonyer River – Camp Leakey – Tanjung Harapan
Day 3 : Tanjung Harapan – Kumai – Pangkalan Bun – Palangkaraya (by Airplane)
Day 4 : Palangkaraya – Tumbang Mirih
Day 5 : Tumbang Mirih – Tumbang Korik
Day 6 : Tumbang Korik – Tumbang Anoi – Tewah
Day 7 : Tewah – Tumbang Malahoi
Day 8 : Tumbang Malahoi – Palangkaraya
Day 9 : Palangkaraya – Banjarmasin
Day 10 : Floating Market – City tour by boat/ Klotok – Banjarbaru/ Martapura
Day 11 : Banjarbaru/ Martapura – Camp Meratus Trekking
Day 12 :  Meratus Mountain Trekking – Loksado
Day 13: Loksado Bamboo Rafting – Banjarbaru/ Martapura
Day 14 : Banjarbaru/ Martapura – Diamond mining field – Borneo Museum – Martapura tradisional market
Day 15 : Free Banjarbaru –  Transfer out

8 Days Borneo Rain Forest  and Derawan undercover (East Kalimantan)

Day 1 : Arrival Balikpapan – Sangatta
Day 2 : Sangatta – Kutai National Park
Day 3 : Kutai Reserve – Muara Wahau
Day 4 : Muara Wahau Rain Forest
Day 5 : Muara Wahau – Berau – Derawan Island
Day 6 : Derawan – Sengkali Island (Snorkling)
Day 7 : Derawan – Berau – Balikpapan
Day 8 : Balikpapan free and transfer out

17 Days Cross Borneo  (West -Central-East kalimantan)

Day 1 : Jakarta – Pontianak
Day 2 : Pontianak – Putusibau
Day 3 : Putusibau – Lapung/Bungan
Day 4 : Lapung/Bungan – Tanjung Lokang
Day 5 : Tanjung Lokang – Sungai Bulet
Day 7 : Sungai Bulet – Sungai Burakan
Day 8 : Sungai Burakan – Sungai Lea
Day 9 : Sungai Lea – Piang Lo’ong (Muller Mountain)
Day 10 : Piang Lo’ong (Muller Mountain) – Muller Range (East Kalimantan)
Day 11 : Muller Range (East Kalimantan) – Muara Cuting
Day 12 : Muara Cuting – Saite/ Mahakam River
Day 13 : Saite/ Mahakam River – Tiong Ohang
Day 14 : Tiong Ohang – Long Bagun
Day 15 : Long Bagun – Loa Janan – Samarinda
Day 16 : Samarinda – Balikpapan
Day 17 : Balikpapan free and transfer end