Jomblang Cave

Information :

Jomblang Cave located in Jetis Wetan village in Semanu, Gunung Kidul regency, is a deep vertical cave that is famous for the view of the sunlight coming through the hole that looks like heaven-sent. Situated 10 kilometers from the city of Wonosari and 40 kilometers from Yogyakarta, the destination provides only a kilometer of smooth asphalt road to the parking location; the rest of the trip is nothing but rocky grounds.

A 60 m deep single-shaft with a diameter of 50m formed by dissolution and collapse of 15-20 million years old limestone. This occurred after the limestone was uplifted from sea floor about 1.8 million years ago. Bottom of collapse-sinkhole connected with a horizontal passage that ends at grubug cave. Grubug cave, a single-shaft of about 90m, is the deepest vertical cave in java island. The phenomenon of grubug underground river and upward view from the bottom is very amazing.

The cave that has a diameter area of 50 meters was first discovered in 1984 by Acintyacunyata Speleological Club (ASC), a group of cave explorers from Yogyakarta.

Many tourists have visited this tourist attraction, including those hailed from Europe, United States, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Entering the cave requires a bit of an effort, as you will need to wear safety helmet and a rope. Using single rope technique (SRT), visitors take turns to go down to the cave; only a maximum of two people are allowed in a single batch.

“The going up and down the cave are very challenging, amazing,” said Jack from Singapore who came with his six friends.

Inside the cave, there are photographers who are ready to take your adventure photos. The photos will be printed and sold at the registration hut where lunch is also provided.

Inside the cave, visitors will see plenty of growing plants; even its limestone walls are covered with shrubs.

Done exploring the cave, you can continue the journey by walking through a 500-meter alley that will lead you to another vertical cave called Grubug Cave.

Arriving at Grubug Cave, your eyes will meet the view of two huge green-brownish stalagmites. If you can reach the cave by 1 p.m. you will get to see a stunning view of the sun shines through the darkness of Grubug Cave.

Schedule :

at 7.00 am head to Jomblang cave which is a 2-hour drive. This phenomenal vertical cave is a great place to explore with its unique characteristics which you won't find anywhere else. Before entering the cave you will be given instructions and will be set up with safety equipment to rappel down the cave. Explore and spend 2-hours in the cave and experience what they call 'a light from the heaven'. Upon heading back to the surface you can take a fresh shower and break before heading back to Yogyakarta.

Price :

Person 1 2 3 4
Price per person
975,000 750,000 650,000 600,000

Inclusion :

  • Private car all in
  • Jomblang package & equipment
  • Lunch box & mineral water

Booking Procedure :

  • Maximum 2 days before tour. Contact via whatsapp or email (Confirmation)
  • Send copy of your hotel voucher, flight/ train ticket, identity card
  • Cash Payment